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Tenku Farith Rithauddeen is CEO of SKALI.
 His father was a government minister and  his mother is entrepreneur .
He went to high school in Ottawa, Canada at the age of 13. It all began with his first exposure to IT was as a kid in the 80s, using an Apple II to play flight simulator games.
He also read a lot of books and magazines about computers and learnt how to do some basic programming  using the BASIC language.
 He was graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1992. After graduated, he worked at CIMB  for 2 year . Then, he joined Road Builders that is one of his father company.   Tenku Farith Rithauddeen has led SKALI, an IT company, from its inception in 1996 to the present. The 1st SKALI project is Alta Vista.They win the project . Starting from ,they manage SKALI financial for the project and Alta Vista were launch successfully
The hardest period of his life was in early 1999, when he decided to leave behind a steady corporate job to work full time
  They gave a company’s name from the X-Files star,Dana Scully because she was smart, classy and sexy in that subtle way.
She wasn’t obvious but she packed a powerful punch, which was what SKALI meant to embody.
The name SKALI is an appropriate brand name because “sekali” in Malay means “oneness” which is the fundamental philosophy of SKALI’s culture.
  SKALI was one of the early adopters of Open Source. It is the first local portals to experiment with PHP programming.
It’s also one of the first few companies offering Linux-based hosting at our data center (everyone else was sitting on the MS Windows platform).



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Synopsis:  The story of an individual who is born and raised on a ship, learning about people and the outside world through interactions with the ship’s rotating passengers, THE LEGEND OF 1900 comes from director Guiseppe Tornatore. When a deckhand, Boodman, discovers a newborn baby on January 1, 1900, he Christens him Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon 1900. A freak accident takes the life of the older Boodman, and 1900 is looked after by other members of the ship’s crew. As he grows up, he learns to accept the crew as his family and the ship as his home. A glimpse of an individual playing a piano intrigues 1900, and before long he’s a well-accomplished adult pianist. The legend reaches land and eventually earns 1900 visits from Jelly Roll Morton and a member of the music industry who wants to record him. The song that 1900 plays is dedicated to a beautiful young woman who threatens to lure him off the ship. Sheepishly, he stays. All of this is told in flashback, remembered by 1900’s despondent friend Max as he prepares to pawn his trumpet. When he discovers that the ship is about to be sunk, he is convinced that 1900 is still on it somewhere and the frantic race is on to save his friend

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 lupa lak nak introduce diri…


Assalamualaikum…welcome to my blog.Firstly…i would like to say thanx a lot coz vist my blog. So..send ur comment to me if have anything to share.ok.. my name..mohd nor hafizi abdullah..ur all can call me fizi or hafix. My life is simple jeerrr….

FYI…my mom said…when i’m still children..(time tu dh mula merangkak ckittt2)so naughty…many things i do..such as climb tree lah…swim riverr….lastik burung…fishing..(biasa lah bdk kmpg)every day my mom scolded me. One day..when i’m 5 years old…i’m fell down from the pokok rambutan…my right hand is broken..i screaming…and screaming again..i think whole village can hear my voice…then someone auntiey save me..and send back to my house…then i live in the hospital 1month(lbih kurang.. x ingat dah)..that my sweet memory in my life…i never forget…!!

Then…1991 i start my first study at tadika kemas..after a year i go to the primary school..SEK KEB TOH SAJAK…here so many sweet memory i want story…but may be next time..also.. i got my best friends in my life at this school…untill now he be my best friend….after UPSR i got to enter ‘sekolah berasrama’ but i decline…coz i not interest it…then i go to daily school..SEK MEN KEB DATO KAMARUDDIN…until result biasa2 jee.. i apply uitm and got to continue study in dip. in comp. science….actually i want  to take accounting course…may be ‘jodoh’ with comp. science…huuhuuu3x..then i success to finish my study..and INSYAALLAH i will convo this may..

ada lg.. smbg kndian lak..kalo nak tau ghajin2 lh bkak akunya blog..lps ni crita sdih lak…huuhuuu3x


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— its gonna be like this —



Can you imagine what’s gonna happen if they REALLY let those Mat Rempits take the Aunties out on election day? Where is the Auntie gonna sit?

thanks to KennySia for this best “photoshop”ing ever!!! coz buat aku bantai gelak sakan kat cc niiieee…hahahahaha3x

someone hamba ALLAH at ministry offer this job to the Mat-mat Rempit, sempena Pilihanraya yang akan datang. What are u waiting forrr?? jomm rempit sampai mampos!!!! this is a great chances to the mat2 rempit to do something to our lovely country…so do ur besst…!!



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Goodlands, North Dakota, has been suffering a massive drought for the past four years. Farms are in foreclosure, people’s livelihoods are on the wane, and the town’s beleaguered mortgage lender, Karen Grange, is beginning to think she should pack up and go back to Minneapolis.

Then Tom Keatley arrives. He calls himself a rainmaker. Karen thinks he’s a drifter. And the townsfolk–well, the townsfolk aren’t about to trust the tall, mysterious stranger who wanders their streets, visits their dying farms, and keeps his thoughts to himself. They don’t need an out-of-towner surveying their land, hands in pockets, eyes looking at the sky. What they need is rain.

What happens to Goodlands when Tom Keatley arrives is as mysterious as the elements. And what he unleashes is much more profound than a storm. There is a mystery behind this terrible drought, and a message, and its unrelenting fierceness can destroy the town of Goodlands. Tom knows this. But Karen does not. Not yet.

Tom and Karen’s love affair, elemental and profound, is intertwined with the story of a town gripped by fear, and paralyzed by the sickness at its core. Suspenseful and gripping from the first page, A Dry Spell is a mesmerizing read.

If you are like me, you will find this novel unlike any other that you have read before. The jacket copy made me think the book was about the ‘supernatural’ powers of a rainmaker. Actually, this is just one facet of this jewel of a novel. Ms. Moloney has actually combined several novellas together into one novel. I found that approach to be fascinating to watch. Goodlands, North Dakota has a most unusual problem. It hasn’t rained in four years. Since this is a farming community without irrigation, that means financial ruin for everyone. A rainmaker is on his way there. Can he help? The four novellas that intersect to create this novel also encompass a horror tale, a love story, and tale of the social dynamics of small-town life on the prairies. Of the four novellas, I think most people will find the horror tale to be the least effective one. To me, the love story was also subpar. Those are the reasons why I graded the book down by two stars. The other two novellas are clearly five star efforts. I would, however, recommend against reading this book if you are very sensitive to the quality of the horror writing in a book. I thought the character of Tom Keatley, the rainmaker, was well developed and interesting. What would someone be like whose main skill in life is bringing the rain? By comparison, many of the other characters are little more than names on a page. There is a little bit of an unexplained time warp in the novel that bothered me. Many of the opinions and attitudes were much more reminiscent of 1969 than the current time. But I could see no particular reason for that shift. After you have read this book, think a little about what it means to have a talent that others cannot understand. How would you represent yourself? For example, what if you could put out fires with your mind? You would want to help by using that talent, but if you told people that you could do this they might think you a bit weird . . . or worse! See the potential for new life in any parched circumstance! Donald Mitchell, co-author of The Irresistible Growth Enterprise and The 2,000 Percent Solution

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